Mythes et Légendes

Release Date: 1993-04-10
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An introduction to the universe according to MAGMA, MYTHES ET LEGENDES highlights the themes composed by Christian VANDER at the beginning of the 1970s. Extracts are found here from KOBAIA, 1001 CENTIGRADES and the three movements of the trilogy THEUSZ HAMTAAHK, including, for the first time, KLAUS KOHMBALAD, the long version of the coda of RIAH SAHILTAAHK. Nicely blended into the music, the speaking voices of Christian and Stella VANDER and Guy KHALIFA link the different titles to give us the keys which enable us to go deeper into this totally original music. Their presence breathes a life and warmth into the record which is diametrically opposed to the insipid succession of disconnected titles so often heard on compilation albums.